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The North Pole: Meditation

This is the second part in a four part meditation series. The first part started you out in a snowy forest where you come across a reindeer. This reindeer starts to walk away and you decide to follow it. This next part brings you to the North Pole and a very famous village. In this one, you get to meet all the reindeer.

Some imaginative elements:

What does the North Pole and the village look like?

What do you smell?

What other sounds do you hear?

What I imagine while doing this meditation:

I imagine a small village surrounded by forest with a little ice covered pond. The red and white pole is tall and slender right in the middle. All the buildings are wooden and more Scandinavian in style. There is a borealis in the sky and soft glowing lights around the village. The village is all quiet. It still smells like cold, while in the stable it smells like straw and animal.

Check back on Wednesday to see the videos for this meditation and check back on Friday to see the soap inspired by the meditation.

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