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Bringing mental well being to the world in new and creative ways.

Hi everyone and welcome!! 

A little bit about me:

My name is Elise and I have always been a creative minded person. As with life, my creative mind has changed over the years. New skills have been learned, some forgotten, and some have been combined together. Here, I have combined mental health awareness, meditations, and soap to create Pausing Stress Soaps. 

Mental Health:

I have worked in the mental health field for over ten years and believe that it is a very important topic that does not get the recognition it should. I am not an expert in mental health, but I do believe that I can help to spread awareness about it. By doing this, I hope to make it easier for people to talk about mental health so that we may be able to help each other through the stresses of life.


As a result of the work I was doing, I discovered meditation as a coping tool for mental health issues. I am not an expert in meditation, but I do hope to introduce it to people and share the meditations I have written. I do believe that a good amount of people could benefit from some form of meditation and hope to help some people get into trying it out.


Thanks to YouTube, I discovered a channel called Royalty Soaps. From the awesomeness that is Katie, she released a series that taught how she does soap making. I am not an expert soap maker, but I will be showcasing the soaps I am making on here. Most of my soap designs are inspired by the mini meditations I have written with a few Wild Cards added into the mix.

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