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Snowy Forest: Meditation

Here comes the start of the most magical time of the year. I am a celebrator of Christmas. I love the giving atmosphere this time of year brings and I believe in the spirit of Christmas. This year already feels a little weird to me and if Thanksgiving was any indication, this season is not going to be very traditional. But hopefully we all will find some positivity this holiday season.

This meditation is part one of four that are going to be released for December. Each meditation can be done on their own or you can do all the meditations together for fun. This first one starts you out on your holiday adventure that you will experience with each part. Having to start somewhere, you will begin in a forest where you will meet a reindeer.

Some imaginative elements:

What do you smell?

What do the bells sound like to you?

Are there any interesting features to the reindeer?

How do you feel when you pet the reindeer?

What I imagine when doing this meditation:

I imagine that I would smell the pine trees and the cold in the air. The bells would ring clear and would sound like jingle bells. Even though Rudolph is an awesome reindeer, I would imagine that it was one of the other reindeer that came up to me. (Interesting side note: all of Santa's reindeer are said to be female since most male reindeer shed their antlers in early December) The reindeer would have a simple harness on with little jingle bells on the side. I would imagine that I would feel warmth while patting the reindeer, a sense of ease, and happiness.

Check back on Wednesday for the meditation videos. Unfortunately, I ran out of material before I was able to make this soap. With money being pretty tight this month, I may have to wait until the end of the month to make the soap. So on Friday, I'm going to have a couple of interesting blog posts on the process of soap making instead.

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