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Giving Thanks: Meditation

So I know that not everyone in the world celebrates Thanksgiving and I am very aware of that the history of Thanksgiving is not as rosy as we were led to believe as children. With that in mind, I do believe that we should be able to get together with the people that we love and be thankful for what we have. Being able to say what your thankful for can be a great reminder of what you have, especially if you have been dwelling on what you don't have in your life. Being around your loved ones can be a comfort to some people. This meditation is inspired by one of my favorite holidays where I get to cook some great food with my family and spend time enjoying the food, the company of the people I love, and being thankful for what I have.

Some imaginative elements:

Who are your loved ones that are here with you?

Where are you sharing this moment?

What are your favorite foods you are eating?

What are you thankful for?

What I imagine when doing this meditation:

My parents, my brother, and my grandfather are the ones that I celebrate Thanksgiving with. I also imagine the kitties there as well, especially Pixie and Felicia trying to mess up the table cloth. I am in the living room of my parent's house, sitting at the table. My favorite dish is the dressing (or stuffing), even though I love all the food. Even though we may not get together this year to protect my grandfather (he is 95 years old), my mother (in her 60s and has cancer), and my father (in his 60s and has a genetic mutation thingy), I am thankful that they have all been able to stay healthy and safe during this pandemic.

Check back on Friday to see the videos for the meditation and check on Monday to see the soap I made to go along with this meditation.

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