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Jolly St. Nick: Meditation

This is the last part and this is where you catch a glance at Jolly St. Nick.

Some imaginative elements:

What does Santa look like to you?

What does Santa's laugh sound like?

Anything else you can imagine?

What I imagine when I do this meditation:

The biggest thing I imagine is the quiet and calm before the clock strikes. It's like the world is anticipating Christmas day. I also imagine being drawn to the sleigh and hat. It's like Christmas must happen and there must be a rider. Santa is more like an average weight rather than jolly big with a white, trimmed beard and hair. I've never really understood why someone would need to say HO HO HO so much. So when it comes to his laugh, I would imagine his laugh as being more of a chuckle followed by a bark of laughter.

That is it for this four part series. I will work on getting the videos of the meditations and the soaps out over the next few days while I have some time off of work.

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