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The beginning of soap making

Story time!! Once upon a time and only just a few months ago, a young woman discovered a YouTube soap maker by the name of Katie Carson. The Duchess of Suds, who runs Royalty Soaps, makes entertaining videos showing how she makes her soaps. One day, Katie decided to share the art of soap making with her royal subjects by releasing a video series and two PDFs. The information she released tells you everything that you need in order to make cold process soap. After many days of contemplation, a young woman decided to try this out. She acquired the necessary supplies and tried her hand at three different batches of soap. She learned a lot of what to do and some of what not to do during this time. The young woman did discover that she enjoyed making the soaps and began the journey into making soaps.

Story break!! Cold process soap making is the process of making soap using oils and lye (sodium hydroxide), mixing them together until they reach saponification. From this, you can add colorants and fragrance oils to create pretty and smelly soap. Pour it into a mold, let it harden, and then let it cure for roughly four weeks. You now have soap!! (check out the links down below for more info)

Back to the story!! The young woman did more research into making soap and came up with a recipe of oils that she was happy with. Crunching some numbers and ordering more supplies, she also came up with a set of designs for an October release. To also help make her soaps a little more unique, she also decide to base her soaps off of mini meditations that she had written. Using the meditations as inspiration, the young woman created her first batch of soaps.

The End!!

More stories about my soap making is coming!!

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