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Calm Cabin: Soap

The soap for this week is inspired by the Calm Cabin meditation. When I think of cabins, I think of quilts covering the beds and maybe even folded up on the couch. A quilted look was behind the design of this soap. I originally wanted to have the colors sectioned off into triangles to form a square of the quilt. I made stencils to help me achieve this. By using browns and blues for the color, I created my soap. And, it did not turn out at all how I wanted. I was so disappointed in the look that I turned those soaps into soap shavings and created a new design. Check back the first week in December to see the designs that didn't work out.

This design uses slanted layers with brown, blue, and teal for the colors. It still could be viewed as a square on a quilt, just not quite as elaborate. A little aqua shimmer was sprayed between the layers. The top was swirled with all the color with aqua shimmer sprayed on it. The fragrance is called Country Home.

This design turned out much better and I'm very happy with the slanted layers look which will be used for one of the December soaps. The one thing I would change is either take away the teal or the lighter blue. They ended up looking exactly the same for some reason. Maybe making one a little darker or a little lighter would help with that. Other than that, please enjoy the design for Calm Cabin.

Fragrance:  Country Home

Top Notes: orange

Mid Notes: clove, cinnamon

Base Notes: musk, woods


Sparkle Me Aqua

Blue Tide

Redrum Bronze Brown

Aphrodite Blue

Twilight Blue

Titanium Dioxide

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