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Sinus Relief: Soap

Starting off the November soaps is the Wild Card scent for this month, Sinus Relief. So one struggle of mine during Autumn is my seasonal allergies. It doesn't take very long for me to start sneezing after I step outside and breath in the crisp, cool air. Any relief I can get is always welcomed and this is the perfect scent for it!! Not to mention that eucalyptus and mint is a great combination!!

For this soap, I just wanted to do something fun with the colors and see if I could get some hanger swirl action going. These did turn out pretty cool even though the soap was starting to accelerate faster than what I wanted. I couldn't quite figure out what caused it to be a thicker pour. I just got a new mixer, I mixed the lye and oils at a higher temp, and of course, used a new fragrance. I did find out later, it had to do with mixing at a higher temp that caused the issue.

As you will also see in the pictures below, I have started to use boxes instead of bags to put the soaps in. I personally like the boxes (sorry Mom, I know you like the bags better) as I feel they look a little more professional, it gives people a chance to smell them, and I can put more information on them. I have had to make them myself as it has been hard to find boxes in the size I need without having to customize. I will be putting up a post later this month with information on how I make them.

Welp, here's the start to a new month. Next week will the release of the first meditation inspired soap. Enjoy your weekend!!

Fragrance:  Sinus Relief

Cool, crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus, and mint.


I Dream of Purple

Mint Julep

Snake Island Green

Sister Golden Hair Surprise

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