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Giving Thanks: Soap

Here is the last of the November soaps!! This soap is inspired by Thanksgiving Day and the awesome food that we have every year. For this soap, I wanted it to smell like apples since having an apple pie is a traditional dessert dish for many people. This is what influenced the design the most. Using red and white only, I created a little ombre effect with the red and added the white layer to make is look a little like an apple. I added poppy seeds to the soap and created a lattice type top sprinkled with a little gold.

This design, like my other soaps, did not go according to plan. Between using a new mixer, higher temperatures with the oils and lye, and with this fragrance accelerating the soap, it was hard to get the ombre effect I really wanted. Even blending the white with the red was difficult with how fast the soap was accelerating. Another problem that I noticed while cutting the soap is that the fragrance caused glycerin rivers. The soap is still usable, it just doesn't look as pretty. I do want to try an ombre effect again, hopefully with a fragrance that doesn't accelerate the soap too quickly.

Fragrance:  Country Apple

Top Notes: pineapple, jasmine, tiger lily

Mid Notes: Macintosh apple, granny smith apple

Base Notes: vanilla bean


Voodoo Red Pink

Titanium Dioxide

Nina Simone Sparkles

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