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Santa's Helper: Meditation

Here is part three of the four part series for the holiday season. We have traveled through a snowy forest, found the North Pole, and seen all the reindeer. For part three, you get to visit the workshop.

Some imaginative elements:

What other toys do you see?

What toy do you work on?

How do you finish the toy?

How do you feel after making the toy?

What I imagine while doing this meditation:

I imagine that each table has a different type of toy on it, each of them in various colors. The toys are some of the most classic toys that children will having growing up. There are different types of toys for all cultures throughout the world. I imagine making a sweet, little bunny rabbit toy. I've knitted little bunny nuggets before and this would be really cool to do for Santa. I imagine knitting a bunny in different shades of blue, attaching the little eyes and the pom pom for his tail. I feel happiness just imagining the special boy or girl who will get the bunny for Christmas.

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