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During the Meditation

If you are at this step and you have missed the other steps, check out my posts about discovering meditation and beginning meditation before continuing on. If you are following along, please continue reading below. 

Now that you are all ready to do a meditation, there are some tips I have while you are doing the meditation. Again, these tips apply more to guided imagery type meditations as that is what I have here on the website and more specifically, these tips are for how to do my meditations.

First off, focus on the words. Whether you are reading the meditations yourself or you are listening to them, focus on the words only. Try to ignore any outside distractions and try to keep your thoughts on the meditation.

Be aware that you have thoughts. It can sometimes be impossible to not have a stray thought pop into your head while you are meditating. This is not an issue. Let the thoughts pop into your head, but let them pass by you without focusing on them.

Take deep breaths. Deep breathing has been proven to have many benefits. Don’t believe me, then please feel free to do the research!! And yes, I am leaving this up to you so that you have the opportunity to give yourself something to focus on for a little bit.

Add your imagination to the meditations. If you are like me and have a vivid imagination, then please do use it. I have written my meditations as a guide to a world you are envisioning. Please do add what you see, smell, hear, feel, and taste to the worlds I have described. Make these worlds your own place that you can visit when you need a break.

There are a few tips that I have once you have completed your meditation and that will be in the next post. 

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