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Dia De Muertos: Meditation

Day of the Dead is the Mexican holiday that is celebrated at the end of the month. During this time, family and friends get together to honor and remember their loved ones who have passed. Ofrendas are set up to help remember loved ones and to provide them offerings in hopes that their loved ones will visit them. This part of the tradition is what inspired this meditation.

What to use this meditation for: To help you remember the loved ones who have passed and the good memories that you had with them. Death is hard to deal with and can create a difficult time for many people. Even though there is a sadness when we remember our loved ones, remembering the good times can bring a sense of peace and happiness with it.

Some imaginative elements: Give the meditation your own personal touch. Here's a few questions to get your imagination flowing.

  • What type of items are on the ofrenda?

  • What are your fondest memories of your loved ones?

  • How do you push through the tough moments?

  • What are some positive moments that are happening in your life that you can celebrate?

Check back on Friday to see the videos for the meditation and check on Monday to see the soap I made to go along with this meditation.

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