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Butterfly Wishes: Soap

This soap was inspired by the Butterfly Wishes meditation. With this soap, I wanted to create a butterfly look by having the orange and yellow colors swirled together with a little bit of black to represent the wings of the butterfly. I then scooped out the middle to pour in black to make it look like the body of the butterfly. The top was drizzled with orange, yellow, and white mica.

I honestly think I got cocky after how well my soaps turned out in October. This was the first one I made where I think I got a little too ambitious with the design. With my all November soaps, I ended up making two batches as I wasn't happy with the first ones. I will have a post later in the month to explain more about this and have pictures to go with it. Anyways, the first batch of the butterfly soap did not turn out well. The second batch was better.

With this batch, I made sure to do a little math and made sure I had the right amount of soap for the body and the top, even though I had to mix up some more soap. That's the reason the black on the top part is a little darker than the body. Overall, it did turn out pretty cool and I love the drizzle on the top the best. If I were to do this again, I would probably change the design a little bit more. I may keep the body and try to get a more swirl look with the oranges and yellow for the wings.

Fragrance:  Butterfly Flower

A blend of lily and sage is twisted with shimmering greens as tangy tones of cassis create a bright accent for the floralcy. Sweet amber and crisp orange flower are blended with musk at the base of the scent.


Lemon Cupcake Yellow

Pumpkin Head Orange

Voodoo Red-Pink (mixed in with some of the orange)

Wicked Black Silver

Titanium Dioxide (white)

And the videos are coming. The nonverbal meditation is up on YouTube and I'm working on the verbal one this weekend. Between using the new video editor, finding a quiet time to record the vocals, and trying to find a job, this has been a crazy week. I think I need to do a few meditations myself once I'm all caught up!!

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