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Butterfly Wishes: Meditation

I've believe that this time of year is a time of ending, but also a time of beginning. For those of us experiencing Autumn, we are seeing the leaves change colors and fall. We are seeing some of our favorite animals migrate or get ready to hunker down for the winter. Goodbye to warm days and hello to cooler times. Seeing this happen can be sad, but knowing that this change has to occur in order for new life to begin again in the Spring is how I look on the bright side of things.

To represent the changes that occur during this time of year, I wrote a mediation inspired by the Monarch Butterfly. I also took some inspiration from the Native American legend that if you capture a butterfly and whisper your wish to it, your wish will come true. This is also a transformation type of meditation where you become the animal that is being described. Please enjoy!!

Some imaginative elements:

What does the butterfly look like?

What type of flower does it land on?

What do you see as you are flying?

How does it feel to fly?

What is your wish?

What I imagine while doing this meditation:

I do imagine a Monarch butterfly that has orange and yellow wings, outlined in black, with white dotted here in there. I have no idea if butterflies like mums, but those are the types of flowers I imagine for this time of year. The orange, red, and yellow flowers just feel very appropriate for the season. If I was a butterfly flying from where I'm living, I would imagine seeing mountainous areas first, skirting a few major cities next, and crossing the Mississippi River. I imagine that being able to fly over vast landscapes is the feeling of freedom. Even though you are on a path that generations of butterflies before you have been on, there's still a sense of freedom since nothing can weigh you down. My wish is that the human race can get to a point where we can be accepting of each other's differences, be able to communicate so we can better understand each other, and show the respect that each of us deserves.

Check back on Wednesday for the videos of this meditation and check back on Friday for the soap inspired by this meditation.

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