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Bonfire and Dance: Soap

I took this soap in a more literal direction to represent the Bonfire and Dance meditation. Using bright red, orange, and yellow, they were poured to create a drop swirl. The soap was allowed to set up to the point that I could sculpt it to a peak and then poured black soap to represent the night time. To represent embers, the top of the soap was dusted with gold mica. The fragrance that was used is Fireplace by Nature's Garden.

This was a pretty cool soap to pour. I love how each bar is different with the fire colors and swirls. Some of the swirls even look like stylized flames you may see on motorcycles or cars. The scent is also prefect for this soap. Overall, it has a wood fire smell to it which is very pleasant if you like the smell of campfires.

The only thing I would do differently with this one is to create a stencil to give the bottom part a more flame shape. Otherwise, I was very happy with this pour.

Fragrance: Fireplace

Top Notes:  smoked woods

Mid Notes:  fir, pine, cedar, balsam, red berries

Base Notes:  charred woods, crackling embers


Wicked Black Silver

Lemon Cupcake Yellow

Brazen Hussy Red Orange Neon

Flotation Device Neon Orange

Sparkle Sunshine Glitter

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