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Black Raspberry and Vanilla: Soap

Here is my first ever soap made from my own inspiration!! This is a Wild Card soap that was created just for fun. I used black, pink, and white to create the wonky layers and even swirled some of the pink into the white. I used Black Raspberry and Vanilla from Nature's Garden as the fragrance.

This was the first soap that I made to test out the recipe I am using for my soaps. I was looking to do something a little bit different, but didn't take into account that the soap would accelerate faster with this recipe. As a result, I ended up with wonky layers, but I am happy with how it turned out. I did learn from working with this batch to mix my fragrance oil in with my colorants so I hopefully won't have to worry about blending too much and accelerating the soap even more. Overall, this is a pretty soap and smells great!!

Fragrance: Black Raspberry and Vanilla

Top Notes:  lemon, raspberry, black raspberry, strawberry, coconut

Mid Notes:  peach, violet, honeysuckle

Base Notes:  plum blossoms, musk, vanilla


Wicked Black Silver

Flashdance Purple Pink

Titanium Dioxide (white)

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