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Beginning Meditation

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

So if you haven't looked at the post regarding discovering meditation, you should probably check that out before reading this one. Discovering what you hope to gain from meditation and then discovering what type of meditation works best for you is a very important step before you begin to meditate. If you have completed that step, then see below for how to get ready to meditate. Most of my tips with this is for guided imagery meditations as that is the type of meditation you will find here on this website.

I find it difficult to jump right into a meditation without a little preparation first. Following these steps can help you to have a more meaningful, more successful experience when you meditate. 

First, recognize that you do need to meditate. This is a very important step to follow before you do anything. People can struggle to realize when they need to give their minds, hearts, and/or spirits a break. Paying attention to what your body is telling you is a good step to recognition. Ask yourself about what you’re feeling emotionally and physically. If you answer that you don’t feel good or normal, then consider using a coping skill like meditation to help you feel better.

Make the choice to meditate. After you recognize that you need to do something to feel better, make a choice to do something. If you decide that meditation will be helpful in that moment, then prepare to do one and actually do it. Don’t put off the decision for too long and don’t stew with intruding thoughts and emotions.

Make sure it is an appropriate time to meditate. If you are right in the middle of an important meeting or in the middle of class, you may not be able to do a meditation right away. Make sure you have a quiet space of time to be able to do one. If you need to, find a place where no one can bother you for just a couple of minutes. Put a do not disturb up to let people know not to bother you.

Get yourself physically comfortable. It is hard to concentrate on anything when you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair and your butt is falling asleep. Take the time to find a place that will be comfortable for you to sit in.

The next step is to meditate and I'll go more into that with the next post. Stay tune for more information on meditating and what my go to meditation is.

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