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Autumn Day: Soap

Here is the first of the soaps inspired by one of the meditations!!

There is something so nice about a crisp, cool breeze blowing through autumn leaves while taking a walk through the park. Using the colors that are associated with this time of year, this soap was made with slanted layers. Gold mica was sprinkled between each color and topped the bar with a green leaf dusted in gold. The fragrance I picked out to go with this soap is called Autumn Wreath from Nature's Garden.

If there was one thing I would do differently, it would be to use a stencil to make the layers a little bit more even and straight. I have also learned that I do need to read about the colorants from Mad Micas a little more closely. I freaked out with the yellow a little bit. When I blending it, it was a yellow-orange color at first. As the soap cured, the colored morphed back to yellow. Just shows you there is always something to learn from when creating soaps.

Fragrance: Autumn Wreath

Top Notes- pear, apple, peach, coconut

Mid Notes- cinnamon, clove, nutmeg

Base Notes- vanilla, cedar, musk, woods, pine, autumn leaves


Voo-doo Red Pink

Pumpkin Head Orange

Banana Split Yellow

Sister Golden Hair Surprise Gold

Andy the Money Green

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