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Autumn Day: Meditation

Here is the first of the new meditations I have written!!

This meditation was inspired by my favorite time of the year. I am very happy that I live in a place where we do have a fall season and where the trees usually change to such pretty colors. I love a sunny day where the air is cool and crisp and hearing the sound of crunching leaves as people walk through the park. For me, autumn is such a calming time of the year and it has some of the best holidays in it.

What to use this meditation for: To help recharge you if you find nature to be recharging. Some people, like myself, find nature to be a soothing and healing place to go to when stressed or worn out. A nice walk on a beautiful day can both relax you and recharge your batteries.

Some imaginative elements: Give the meditation your own personal touch. Here's a few questions to get your imagination flowing.

Do you see any animals in the park?

What else do you hear?

Are there any interesting features in the park?

Are you walking alone or with other people?

Check back on Friday to see the videos for the meditation and check on Monday to see the soap I made to go along with this meditation.

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