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All Souls Night: Meditation

The end of October and beginning of November is significant in many cultures. During this time of year, it is believed that the spirits of the dead are able to travel to our world to either create mischief or to be with their loved ones. The idea of souls coming to our world is the inspiration for the All Souls Night meditation.

What to use this meditation for: To give you a quick break from your day and an image to hold onto if you are having trouble focusing. With all my meditations, you may get something more from it and that is very cool if you do. I just liked the imagery of being outside while the moon is out, hearing the flow of water. It does have a creepy vibe to it, but sometimes something creepy or scary can help get scare away some negative thoughts or emotions.

Some imaginative elements: Give the meditation your own personal touch. Here's a few questions to get your imagination flowing.

  • What type of bridge are you standing on?

  • Where is the river located?

  • Do the shades just look like shadows or do they take on a more ghostly appearance?

  • What does the air feel like?

  • What do you smell?

Check back on Friday to see the videos for the meditation and check on Monday to see the soap I made to go along with this meditation.

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