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After the Meditation

If this is the first post you are seeing regarding tips to meditation, you might want to back up some and check out my other posts about discovering meditation, beginning meditation, and during meditation. If you are in the right place, awesome.

I will admit that I don't always follow my own advice once I have completed a meditation, but these are some good tips of what you can do. These tips do apply to a lot of different meditations, not just the ones I have written.

First and foremost, be thankful for the meditation. Show your appreciation for being able to take a break and thank yourself for being able to take care of you. This can help you to feel even better.

Revisit a meditation. Sometimes our minds are like beehives and doing one meditation doesn’t always quiet all the bees. If you need to, continue to do meditations throughout the day.

Practice meditations. When you are first starting out with meditations, you may struggle with the thoughts that pop into your head. You may struggle to quiet the thoughts in your head if you are really stressed out. Practicing meditations when you are feeling good can help you get better at it and get the most out of the meditations.

Try different types of meditations. You may find that guided imagery is just not your thing. There are many different types out there that you may find more helpful. Do some research, try different ones out, join classes to see which ones m​ay be more useful to you. I think everyone can benefit from meditation and that they can find one that works for them.

​If you would like to try guided imagery meditation, check the next couple of posts out during the next couple of weeks. I will be sharing one of my meditations along with talking about my go to meditation.

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