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Calm Cabin: Meditation

There's been a few times that I have overworked myself and needed to take a weekend off to recharge. One of these times, I rented out a cabin in the mountains, right next to a small river. I made no plans to do anything in particular and decided to do whatever I felt like doing in the moment. This was one of the nicest trips I've done for myself and this is what inspired this meditation.

This meditation is great for people who like to have a quite, calm moment to themselves. What is also nice about this meditation is that you can decide what to do. You will be given a description of some of the areas in the cabin and you get to decide where you want to go and what you want to do. You get to truly make this meditation your own!!

Some imaginative elements:

What unique items do you see in the cabin?

Which room do you decide to go to first?

What do you decide to do first?

Do you have any animals with you?

What is the weather like outside?

What I imagine while doing this meditation:

I imagine that there would be quilts on the bed and the couch in the living room. I imagine a sunflower theme in the kitchen and woodland animal knickknacks. To be as comfortable as I could possibly be, I would start in the kitchen and grab myself some snacks to bring out to the porch. I would grab a blanket and pillow along with several books. I would curl up in the hammock while reading and snacking. Eventually, I would go inside and either curl up on the couch or in the bed and take a nap. If I were to have any animals with me, I would have my kitties curl up with me. If I were to be outside on the porch, I would like it to be sunny and a little on the warmer side. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind it if there was a little rainstorm while taking a nap.

Check back on Friday to see the videos for the meditation and check on Monday to see the soap I made to go along with this meditation.

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